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Short tutorial using Curves and Color Balance.

 This is a tutorial requested by peaceinyou. Hope it will be of some help  =) 

 We're going from   to  

 This is my first tutorial and my English is rather bad. Yeah :P But you're more than welcome to ask me whatever you need to ask :)

 I started with a lovely Georgiana Darcy's pic taken from Anthropomorphic Fruit 

1.Using a trick I've learned from elena_hepburn, I duplicated the base once, and left the copy on "Normal". I sharpened the copy, then reduced its opacity to 50%, and merged it down with the base. As you can figure out, I made it just for not sharpenning the base too much. Maybe the difference is insignificant this time, but sometimes it's a very useful trick, believe me ;)


2.I duplicated the new and improved base, and set the copy on Screen, 50%. (It's not only trendy to use screen layers, but they allow you to achieve more vivid colors, too :P). Then I blurred it a little (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur). Just 0.4, but you can blur it more if you want a mistier effect, or not blur it at all. 

3.Now I added a Curves layer (Layer>New Adjusment Layer>Curves) set on Soft Light, 50%. This layer was added only for subtle changes, so:

I left the RGB channel alone
Low down the Red just a little, like this
Twichted slightly the Green curve, like this
Upped the Blue a little, like this 

As you can see, there's little difference, but now the picture's colors are richer and deeper, and Georgiana's face isn't so yellow :)

4.Finally, I added a Color Balance Layer (Layer>New Adjusment Layer>Color Balance) set in soft light 100%. I wanted to deeper the reds, so these were my settings:
 +39 red
 -27 green
 +21 blue
 +15 red
 +8 green
 +28 blue
 -52 red
 +17 green
 +49 blue

And c'est fini. :) Notice that every picture is different and you'll always have to play around a little to get the best results. 

Hope the tutorial was clear enough, but you know...if you need a more detailed explanation, just ask away :)

PD: sury, no estás orgullosa de mí? xDD
PD2: Damn, I made something wrong with the stupid LJ cut :( The text is alright, though. :)
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